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All Things Easy – The Blog February 18, 2010

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While talking to the author of  newlywedsnextdoor today (she just happened to be my client!) I got extremely inspired to start a blog of my own!

I’m a young mom who lives on a tight budget but still likes to do nice things, eat good food & stay stylish. Should those things be so hard? I think not!! While thinking of what topic would best suite not only me, but my readers, I decided that a blog that is simply designed to help do normal, everyday simple things with some style and flare might be the most fun! There are so many things that are enjoyable and yet most people won’t try because they might feel prohibited by the intimidating sound of them. I’m here to help put an easy twist on food, fun and fashion while keeping it fresh, easy and low cost! Let’s explore together all the things that CAN be easy!


One Response to “All Things Easy – The Blog”

  1. YAY! Excited that you are blogging! You are going to love it!

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